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Southern Credit Adjusters, Inc.

Professional Debt Recovery Since 1981.

Let our skilled agents, utilizing the latest technology and most effective collection techniques, work your delinquent accounts. Watch your profitability increase as Accounts Receivable drop AND maintain a positive, personal relationship with clients.
Southern Credit Adjusters does not require a “membership fee” or any other “up front” fees. We charge a flat fee regardless of the age or dollar amount of the account. We only get paid when we collect for you.
We currently serve a wide variety of businesses from manufacturers, IT & software, property management, professional services, distributors, telecommunications, contractors, country and yacht clubs. Please contact us today to schedule a meeting; we appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Is your cash flow hampered by delinquent accounts?

Since 1981 SCA has been headquartered in Rocky Mount, NC and has collected delinquent accounts for hospitals, physicians, businesses, schools, and retailers. Letting us recover YOUR money for you allows you and your staff to concentrate on running your business while maintaining a positive relationship with your customers.
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Southern Credit Adujsters, Inc.

Debt Recovery Services

Let us collect your revenue while you maintain a positive relationship with your customers.
Every client is assigned a personal representative from our staff to handle all communication between offices – via telephone, fax, email or in person. We promise courteous, professional, and personal attention and service. Let us show you what sets us apart from the others!
Accounts Receivable
Protect your bottom line. You have the expertise and experience to make your business successful. We have the expertise and experience to successfully navigate your accounts receivable recovery challenges.
Billing Services
We provide many specialized services to fit your specific needs. One of our Billing Service options may be a perfect fit for you prior to a full collection program.
Business to Business
When your vendors and partners do not pay, your organization needs a collection agency that knows you value your established relationships. We are a trusted collection partner.
Private Schools
Let us focus on your unpaid accounts and tuition. SCA can recover your past due accounts, while your institution focus’ on providing a quality education.
Maintaining your patients health and happiness is your goal while our service and experience help maintain a healthy bottom line.
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How We Collect Your Money

At Southern Credit Adjusters, we use industry-leading technology and training to ensure that our staff works efficiently and effectively with your clients to resolve debt issues.
Southern Credit Adjusters uses a Linux Computer System that has been tailored to meet our needs as well as a customized version of Platinum by CR software. We utilize predictive dialer (Mercury) and have an internet “skip-trace” system that is Social Security Number and Drivers License based. We also use the IAT predictive dialer system which allows for calls to 30,000 debtors per day.
We incorporate other components into the collection process, including DAQ Billing Systems, NCR mainframe, nightly backups, data security, Amazon, credit reporting, insurance claims, Medicare and Medicaid follow up.
Step 1 of revenue recovery process.
Contact us to setup a review meeting and we create a collection plan just for you.
Step 2 of revenue recovery process.
We start by sending a validation notice with a 30 day response requirement.
Step 3 of revenue recovery process.
We work with the debtor to resolve your past due account in a timely fashion.
Step 4 of revenue recovery process.
You receive a monthly statement outlining payments received and current balances.
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Picture of John Turnage of Southern Credit Adjusters.
"Southern Credit Adjusters, Inc. has been providing quality collection programs for a wide range of businesses for more than 40 years. From billing to collections – our services have resulted in increased profitability for our clients by reducing their accounts receivable. We realize that you have a choice in selecting a partner for the recovery of your accounts receivable, and we are committed to providing the finest service available. Thank you for visiting our website and please take a moment to contact us – so that we may have the opportunity to earn your business and provide you with the service you deserve."
John A. Turnage
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